Whoopee for all-electric vehicles?

They searched for a hybrid (gas and electric) but were unsuccessful. Evidently, a crucial component for such autos is produced in Ukraine, and you know what’s going on in that war-torn nation.

On our vacation to the beach with the family, my son told me about his purchase. He thought I was too traditional and wasn’t sure how I would react to the news.

He doesn’t know that I bought a diesel car when petrol costs started to climb and was one of the first in the county to install a satellite dish in the 1980s (one neighbor claimed I was communicating with the Russians through it).

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I started asking my youngster questions all at once. What was the price of it? Even though I am aware that it is none of my business, I was curious as to whether or not I could afford one.

The Tesla was less expensive after a $7,500 tax credit than the majority of standard-size automobiles and roughly half as expensive as one of those big, old pick-up trucks (I still believe they should be outlawed since they take up too much parking space and their lights blind me at night).

How much time will the Tesla last between charges?

nearly 280 miles.

My Toyota Corolla, on the other hand, can travel 475 miles on just 11 gallons of petrol.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to recharge the car?

The most my son claimed to have paid for a recharge was $12.75, or roughly one-third of what a tank of petrol costs at the going rate of $3.75 per gallon.

My son claims that recharging the car takes about 45 minutes, far longer than it does to pump 10 gallons of petrol.

Driving an electric automobile requires considerable preparation due to the distance restrictions. That much is clear. When your battery runs out of juice, you don’t want to be stranded in South Dakota’s Badlands.

But then I started to feel that I needed to use my cell phone in the same way. Although the ancient landlines were always charged and ready to use, they did not provide mobility. I traded in my wall phone, which was always ready for the convenience of a cell phone, which I can take anyplace but must be kept charged. I can charge an electric car overnight if I can charge my phone.

Are electric cars powered? It does, my son assured me. One of the first Teslas was purchased by a friend of mine around ten years ago. He and another guy drove it on the bypass at two in the morning (hoping that all the police officers were asleep) and stomped on the petrol, or should I say the electricity.

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