Franklin Academy School
Let Us Change The World!!!
Franklin Academy is a full service educational institution that provides
educational support to its students and Founded by Mrs. Margaret Franklin.
Franklin Academy, founded by Mrs. Margaret Franklin is a full-service
educational institution that provides educational support to its students.  
Proverbs 22:6 -"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old,
he will not depart from it.”  Our focus is to be a gap-filler for our public
school system.  We have a PACE program that gives students a diagnostic
test to determine their gaps.  We believe, with proper guidance and education,
we can give students a chance to catch-up to grade level with our plan to
place them back in public school when they are ready.  Within our private
program, we feel we should work diligently to provide students a chance that
would not otherwise succeed in a traditional school setting.  We believe that
no one shoe fits all

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This measure of life was instilled in me, Margaret Franklin, by an Educator,
my Mother, and the late "Elizabeth Lawson Dobbins”: Each person was put
on this earth for a purpose, for each purpose there was a need, for each need
God made someone special to carry out HIS plan". This plan includes the
teacher, the parent and the student, wherein with proper emphasis on the
spiritual, mental, social, and physical aspects of life. The whole being of the
person can be developed as a person walking in the light, living the life as a
testimony of purpose in fulfilling God's plan through the way we live our life.
Without Education this plan wouldn't be possible. It takes knowledge to
teach, wisdom to understand, and the love of God to follow through.


Today and every day I pledge to be my best. I want to one day become
someone that can take care of myself. I will strive to have a loving heart and
show respect to my Maker and all people I come in contact with. I will take
care of other people's property. I will not blame others for my problems. I
will keep my hands to myself. I will never strike another person with an
object. I will not hurt people with my tongue. I will walk away from trouble.
I will never put drugs, alcohol or other things in my body that will do harmful
things. I will use judgment when making choices. I will dress for success. I
will follow all school rules. I will pray for my Maker to put these words in
my heart that I may one day be able to make a positive impact in the world.

Train youth of every ability in the highest principles of moral character,
self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good
To make sure children understand that they must follow all center rules, and
advance academically to each individual's highest potential.  Also, to encourage
parents to participate in all school functions, and be a responsible partner in
children’s learning.
To teach the student "how to learn" by incorporating learning methods of
research that will develop lifelong habits of study for individual Intellectual
To provide Christian leadership training through weekly Bible lessons with a
focus on teaching the children how to live and to live by the words they use.
This further enables the child to strengthen his/her techniques for Christian
Manhood and Christian Womanhood.
Promote good relationships between teacher and students, pastor and
members, parent and child, or teacher and parents, and throughout the
Promote a good understanding between parents or guardians and the
administration/faculty of this school.
Franklin Academy School

2303 Old Bainbridge Road | Tallahassee, Florida 32303
School Office Number: (850) 765-3449
School Code: 2260
425 South Jefferson Street | Monticello, Florida 32344
School Office Number: (850) 997-1280
School Code: 8549
1131-C Live Oak Street | Quincy, Florida 32351
School Office Number: (850) 627-1962
School Code: 8704
Main Office: (850) 322-2860
Fax: (850) 576-5323

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